Hi there! I am a robotics software developer with a PhD and MS degrees in control of humanoid robots. This page is an index to my past and present activities related to research and software development.


E-mail: alexander {at} sherikov.net
GitHub: http://github.com/asherikov
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/asherikov


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  • Nao robot walking module and a specialized QP solver implemented during my work on my MS thesis are described in detail on a separate page.

  • HUMOTO : optimization framework for robot control. I've been working on this project during my employment as a research engineer at INRIA, France.

  • qpmad : Eigen-based, header-only QP solver for embedded optimization in robot control.

  • ariles : C++ metaprogramming library with focus on serialization and configuration (YAML, ROS parameter server, XML, etc).