Documentation groups:
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 CompareClass comparison
 CopyFromCopy data from non-ariles classes
 CopyToCopy data to non-ariles classes
 CountCounts number of entries
 Defaults (PreRead)Initializes entries to their default values
 ProcessProcess entries, base for PreWrite and Finalize
 FinalizePostprocess entries, e.g., validate after deserialization
 PreWritePreprocess entries, e.g., pack values before serialization
 ConfigurationConfiguration visitors (perform pre- and post- processing during (de)serialization)
 JsonnetPreprocessing wrapper for json visitors, see
 msgpackSerialization using msgpack format, see
 NameValueGenerates a vector of <std::string, double> pairs with flattened member names, e.g., <"ariles_class.class_member.real_member", 3.4>
 OctaveSerialize to Octave/MATLAB script
 PugiXMLXML serialization via
 RapidJSONJSON serialization via
 ROSROS parameter server serialization
 yaml-cppYAML serialization via
 ReadBase for deserialization
 WriteBase for serialization
 GraphvizGenerates diagrams ('.dot' files) representing class contents
 Protocol Buffers [incomplete]Exchange data with protobuf classes