Eigen-based C++ QP solver.
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qpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar > Member List

This is the complete list of members for qpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >, including all inherited members.

apply(t_Scalar &a, t_Scalar &b) constqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inline
applyColumnWise(t_MatrixType &M, MatrixIndex start, MatrixIndex end, MatrixIndex column_1, MatrixIndex column_2) constqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inline
applyNonTrivial(t_Scalar &a, t_Scalar &b) constqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inlineprivate
applyRowWise(t_MatrixType &M, MatrixIndex start, MatrixIndex end, MatrixIndex row_1, MatrixIndex row_2) constqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inline
computeAndApply(t_Scalar &a, t_Scalar &b, const t_Scalar eps)qpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inline
COPY enum valueqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >
cosqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >private
NONTRIVIAL enum valueqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >
sinqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >private
SWAP enum valueqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >
swap(t_Scalar &a, t_Scalar &b) constqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >inlineprivate
typeqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >private
Type enum nameqpmad::GivensRotation< t_Scalar >